Root Canal Treatment (RCT) 

Root canal treatment, commonly known as RCT is an endodontic procedure to save severely damaged teeth. We provide the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon at an affordable cost to save your damaged teeth. 

Many patients have fear of a root canal treatment due to hearing horrible experiences from some friend or family member. Also, there are horrifying movies that create more fear of the procedure.

rotary root canal treatment in Gurgaon
Advanced dental equipment and materials are today utilized in dental clinics to provide efficient, predictable, and painless root canal treatments. Rotary Endomotors are used for quick and precision cleaning and shaping of root canals. Most root canal treatment requires only one dental visit to complete with equipment like Endomotor, Apex locator, Digital x-rays, etc. 

Why do you require a Root Canal Treatment?

There are many conditions why you require a root canal treatment:

  • severely decayed tooth having persistent infection
  • Fractured tooth crown damaging the pulp of a tooth
  • Trauma rendering a tooth non-vital
  • Severe attrition or abrasion of tooth surface

Alternative to RCT for damaged tooth

If a damaged tooth is not to be saved by a root canal treatment only option is to remove the damaged tooth causing infection in the jaw bone.

After the tooth is removed you can opt for tooth replacement in 3 ways:

  1. Dental Bridge on surrounding teeth
  2. Removable denture
  3. Dental implant 

Advantages of Rotary Root Canal Treatment

Rotary root canal treatment (RCT) is done with advanced endodontic machines like an Endo motor, Apex locator, and specialized filling materials. A rotary root canal treatment has many advantages:

  • Quick and efficient cleaning and disinfection of root canals
  • Precision for root canal preparation
  • Comfortable due to the specialized endomotor and apex locator making dental visits short
  • Low risk of complications as in the manual method which depends on the excellence of the performing dentist. 
We have one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon for rotary root canal treatment by an expert dentist.