Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Best Painless Rotary Endodontics (RCT)
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Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Looking for the best root canal treatment in Gurgaon? Root canal treatment commonly known as RCT is a treatment to save your severely decayed tooth that otherwise needs to be removed. You will find an experienced dentist in Gurgaon at our dental center in sector 40. We are fully equipped to provide you with high-end endodontic treatments like painless RCT. We do all root canal treatments with advanced rotary endodontics to make treatment painless and comfortable for you.

A severe tooth decay passes inside of your tooth dentin and involves the pulp chamber ( vascular structure containing blood vessels, nerves, and tissues). Once the pulp of a tooth gets infected the infection finds access to go inside the underlying jaw bone through the roots. With root canal treatment an expert endodontist can save such a tooth by removing the pulp and jaw infection. This involves removal, cleaning, and disinfecting the inside of the tooth. once treated with root canal treatment, the tooth will be pain-free and functionally efficient in chewing and biting.

We are one of the best dental clinics in Gurgaon providing rotary endodontics. Our expert dentists provide regular root canal treatments, single visit RCT, and re-root canal treatment too.


Root Canal Treatment – Why we Need One?

Severe Pain in Tooth
Toothache is not always normal. Continuous severe pain in and around the tooth for a time that can keep you awake at night, needs immediate attention. 
Untreated Dental Decay
If you have a long-standing tooth cavity, your dental infection can involve tooth pulp and start giving trouble biting and chewing on the particular tooth. Avoiding eating from the affected side is not a permanent solution, seek a dentist’s help to restore your tooth to full function. 
Injury or Trauma leading to tooth fracture
If there is trauma or accident you can be left with a fractured or broken tooth. Initially, this may not give any trouble, but afterward, this tooth will start discoloring and there are recurrent gums swelling near the tooth. You need to seek your dentist’s help to restore this tooth. 
Recurrent gum swelling
Gum swelling appearing from time to time at the same portion indicates that your tooth decay has traveled to the underlying jaw bone. Visit your dentist to get an x-ray to find out the reason for gum swelling and tenderness. 

Painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) in Gurgaon

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
First Step (Visit)
Our expert dentist in Gurgaon will make the area of the involved tooth numb with local anesthesia. The access opening is done through the tooth by drilling to reach the pulp of the tooth. All the procedure is carried out in local anesthesia and there is no pain during the procedure. Once the tooth pulp is reached the files are used to reach the root canals and the tissue is removed from the canals. With irrigation and filing the tissue is flushed out and canals are cleaned and disinfected. The canals are filled with medication and a temporary cement is used to close the cavity. 
Second Step (Visit)
On your second visit, to our dental clinic in Gurgaon, you will not require any local anesthesia and our expert dentist will remove the temporary filling. The root canals are shaped with the latest endodontic machine ( Rotary Files). This makes cleaning and shaping of canals easy and effective. After irrigation and cleaning of root canals, the canals are filled with open cotton dressing or temporary filling.
Third Step (Visit)
In this visit, your root canal treatment is completed and all canals are filled with a special filling material called Gutta percha. The cavity is filled with dental cement. After your root canal is complete, your tooth is shaped into a miniature form to accommodate a dental cap. Impressions are taken and send to labs to customize your dental cap. 
Fourth Step (Visit)
Your dental cap is ready and is fixed over the root canaled tooth. This cap will provide strength to the root canal tooth. 

Traditional Root Canal Treatment

3 to 4 Dental Office Visits
Traditionally root canal treatment is done in 3 to 4 visits to a dental clinic in Gurgaon. The total duration of RCT is about 10 to 15 days. More severe periapical infections having severe bone loss can take about 3 weeks time.  
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Single Visit RCT

1 Dental Office Visit
Single visit root canal treatment, as the name suggests requires only one dental clinic visit. Our expert root canal dentists are well versed with single visit RCT in Gurgaon. Single-visit RCT is not for every case and expert dentists will advise you for your option after examining your case.  
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Re- Root Canal Treatment

Second Chance to Save your Tooth
You can have a second chance to save a tooth that failed with previous root canal treatment. There are several reasons for the failure of root canal treatment. We have expert root canal specialists to perform a re-root canal for your failed RCT.  
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