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General Dentistry Course

  • Practical Training Methods
  • One to One mentorship
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Handle clinical practice independently  

Dental Implant Courses

Learn, Practice and Master the art of dental implantology.

  • Live clinical implantology training
  • Adaptive learning methods
  • Hands-on practice

Welcome to i-Smile Dentistry Courses

Best Dentistry Training to Excel in Dental Practice

i-Smile Dentistry Courses offers unique clinical dental courses for fresher dental graduates to learn, practice, and master clinical dental procedures. We offer General Dentistry Courses Dental Implant Courses, and Allied Dental Coursesthat help you to start confidently a dental practice as well as upgrade your practice to the next level with higher advanced dental procedures.
The best Dental Courses in India by expert dental mentor faculty. Best dentistry courses that provide easy practical learning on patients under the guidance of mentors. Our practical dentistry courses help you not only to learn but to excel in dental procedures with continuous practice and support from experienced mentors.

Dentistry is a field of continuous evolution and inventions. If you are starting the journey of dentistry, you need to have knowledge and practice to acquire the latest developments. There is a bombarding of a lot of developments daily in the dental field. To keep updated and practice the art, you have to be always ready to learn.

Our dental courses are aimed to provide the best practical training to fresher dentists as well as advanced dental methods to practicing dental surgeons in India. Learn at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon, i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic. A unit of Prakash Manchanda & Dr. Hemraj Memorial Trust.

Dentistry Training after B.D.S. 

Every dental graduate coming out of dental college today is worried about – what to do next? The options are very few:

  • Government Jobs ( Very few Seats)
  • Private Jobs ( less initial compensation)
  • Higher Studies ( Long preparation Time)
  • Starting own dental practice ( Confidence to handle patients independently)

Starting a dental clinic of your own and higher-paying clinical jobs requires a lot of clinical practice and expertise in many dental branches. Acquiring clinical practice comes only with practicing with a good mentor. This association is very important to learn clinical tips and tricks, patient management, clinic administration and management, marketing and financial management, and a lot more. The need for a perfect clinical mentor is a must for each aspiring dental practitioner to not only learn and excel but to avoid mistakes in clinical practice. Our clinical dental courses help you to excel in dentistry along with saving your efforts and time on acquiring knowledge through the mentor’s vast clinical dentistry experiences.  

Why Do You Need Clinical Dental Courses?

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What is the need for dental courses after BDS?

 You tend to learn all dental treatments in a dental college and even practice dental procedures over patients in a one-year rotatory internship. Your complete knowledge of dental subjects and practical aspects is cleared in a dental college.
A dental practice involves lot many things that are not taught in your college dental course. Apart from theoretical, and clinical dental knowledge, you need to be equipped with things like- Communication Skills, Management Skills, Marketing Skills, Leadership Skills, and much more. Yes, if you start a dental practice, you need to manage the clinic, staff, dental lab, dental equipment, and material. 
We provide complete practical dentistry training for fresh graduates, practicing dentists, and specialists to acquire the latest dental education and techniques. Our teaching is completely based on a practical approach towards dental procedures and we follow demonstration, guided working, and individual practicing along with expert mentors. Very few practical theory classes are conducted and most of the training is on patients. hands-on dentistry training is provided on type dents, and dummy models to make students comfortable with the use of equipment and materials. The one-to-one student-mentor ratio helps you to get a proper understanding, and knowledge and clear your doubts without any embarrassment. 
Our dentistry training in India is a boon for aspiring dentists to avoid the time-consuming “self-learning through mistakes” approach and dedicate their time to the growth of their dental practice. To be successful in today’s dental practice you can not spend time on trials. Our dentistry training is developed by experienced mentors with over 25 years of experience in the dental field. Moreover, they stay connected to you throughout your professional carrier to guide and support you. 

Objectives of Clinical Dental Courses 

After completion of our clinical dental courses in Gurgaon, a dentist would be able to do the following with ease and confidence.
Complete Treatment Planning
With detailed consultation, diagnostic and clinical evaluation you would be able to chart the perfect treatment plan for the patient. 
Dental Patient Counselling & Convincing
With a complete knowledge of required dental procedures, you will be equipped to answer all the questions patients are having and make them understand the value of the dental procedure. 
Dental Lab Co-ordinations
You will be able to understand impression techniques and lab work required for your dental procedure which will help you coordinate your desired outcomes and improve the quality of dental prosthetics. 
Prosthetic Trials and Delivery
With complete knowledge of occlusion and jaw relation with your treatment procedure, you will be able to do prosthetic trials and deliver finished dental prosthetics with ease and efficiency. 
Confidently and single handed management
With a complete understanding and knowledge of dental procedures, you will be able to handle dental treatments on your own and with confidence. 

Our Popular Dentistry Training in India

Our General Dentistry Course is very popular and helps fresher dentists to develop dental practice skills. This course is a real confidence booster for new dental graduates that are doubtful about working with patients. Working with the latest equipment like RVG Xrays, Ultrasonic Scalers, Light Cure Composites, silicon impressions, and much more. Right from the basics to administering local anesthesia to the use of rotary endo motors are taught. This course is a must if you want to start a dental clinic, want to get a good clinical job in dental practice, or want to brush up on your general dentistry skills. 

Our Dental Implant Courses are for fresher dentists, practicing dentists, dental specialists, and dental lab technicians who want to learn dental implantology. We provide the best dental implant courses in Gurgaon right from basic to advanced dental implants. These courses are short-term and benefit practicing dentists to upgrade their dental implantology skills without disturbing their dental practice. 

Our Allied Dentistry Courses in Gurgaon are developed for general graduates who want to make their carrier in Dental Industry in India. A skill-based training is provided to the selected candidates to work in dental hospitals, dental clinics, and dental labs. There is a continuous requirement for man-force in the field of dentistry in India. After completion of these courses, you can get jobs like Dental receptionists, Dental Front Desk Executives, Dental Practice managers, Dental Assistants, Dental technicians, dental marketers, etc. 


General Dentistry Courses


Dental Implant Courses


Allied Dental Courses

Why Choose i-Smile Dentistry Courses?

Practical Dental Training
Work directly over the patients under the guidance of mentors to develop complete confidence.
One to One Mentorship
Your Mentor will always accompany you teach you, watch you, correct you and give tips for better performance. A single student with one mentor will help you clear your dentistry doubts easily and without embarrassment. 
Boost Self Confidence
Performing dental treatments on patients under the guidance of experienced mentors will resolve all your fear and doubts about the dental procedure. With continuous regular practice, you will gain a boost in your confidence to perform best for every procedure. 
Lifetime Mentoring
Mentors work with you not only during the course but are always there to help you with your future endeavors in dentistry. A special Facebook group is developed for access to all our dental students and mentors to keep updated about everyone’s work.