Dental Implant Courses

Certified Implant Courses for General Dentists
Best Dental Implant training courses in India.

Designed to provide practical training under the guidance of expert mentors.


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Dental Implant Courses in India 

Best dental implant courses in India to learn concepts of dental implantology from experienced dental implant mentors. i-Smile Dentistry Courses offers a variety of dental implantology courses for beginners as well as seasoned implant surgeons. We have most latest and best teaching for complete advancements in oral implantology. 

Dental implants are the most demanding field of today’s modern dental practice. Every dental practice has some or other means to provide dental implants for their patients. There are only two options for you to start dental implants in your dental Clinic: 

  1. Hire Good Local Implantologist
  2. Learn Dental Implantology

When you decide to learn dental implantology, you have to decide which implant course you will be taking. If you are a practicing dentist, you have very less inclination to join degree courses offered by dental colleges. You may not have that much time to spend and manage your dental practice too. 

Our dental implant courses are designed for working dentists to spend little time on specific dental implant techniques and learn and practice them. Once you are ready go for other implantology methods and learn that too in a short time. Most of our dental implant courses in India are weekend courses that help you manage to learn along with your dental practice. 

If you are a fresh graduate or practicing dentist not having experience in dental implant treatment, our basic dental implant course will provide you necessary skills to do implant consultations, plan dental implant treatment, and place and restore dental implant replacement for simple cases. 

For seasoned implantologists already practicing osseous dental implants, we offer advanced implant training like – sinus lift surgery, bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, computerized template implants, basal-cortical implantology, zygomatic implant, and much more. 


Best Practical Dental Implant Training 

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Dental implants are changing the dental practices in India. There are a variety of methods and procedures to replace teeth permanently with help of dental implants. Dental patients in India are now started demanding more comfortable options for permanent teeth replacement. This is the reason every dental practice in India is providing dental implant services to their patients. Not only do patients in big cities are demanding fixed implant tooth options, but even in rural parts of India, there is a huge demand for comfortable fixed teeth replacement options.
To stay ahead of the competition and give the best treatment options to their patients, dental practices are incorporating dental implants. Some are bringing expert implantologists into their practice while some are looking for ways to learn dental implants by themselves. We offer the best dental implant courses for beginners as well as seasoned implant surgeons to excel in improving their implant skills. 

Dental Implant Course- Basic

Get Trained in Dental Implants (5 Days)
Practical Hands-on Training Dental Implant Course. 
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Best Dental Implant Courses in Gurgaon,  India are designed to get practical training in dental implant surgery. These courses will help general dentists to acquire basic implant knowledge and get accustomed to implant methods, and armamentarium. We also train to practice implantologists for specialized implant procedures like – Bone Grafting, Sinus Lift Surgery, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Socket Preservation, Aesthetics in Front Implants, Basal Implantology, Pterygoid implants, Zygomatic Implants, Guided Implants, and much more.  


Upcoming Implantology Course

Any dental graduate, post-graduate, practicing dentist, or dental intern.
Duration of the Course
  • Short Course – 5 Days
  • Advanced Course – 7 Days
  • Basal Implant Course – 3 days
Course Fees
  • Basic Short Course (5 Days): Rs. 25000
  • Advanced Course ( & Days): Rs. 45000
  • Basal Implant Course (3 days): Rs. 35000
Course Material
You will be working with the latest technology equipment and dental material. Consumables will be provided one time to candidates at course induction. Notes will not be provided, we strongly believe in practical learning you will be free to take your records. Implant for hands-on training will be provided to practice on models. 
  • Introduction to Implants
  • Types of Implants
  • Armamentarium
  • Indications & Contraindication
  • Hands-on training on models
  • Surgical Placement (Live Surgery on Patient)
  • Impression Methods
  • Prosthetic Considerations
  • Complications & Management
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Basic Implant Course

single tooth implant gurgaon

Advanced Implant Course

Advanced Dental Implant Course

Get Trained to start your Dental Implant Practice
Get ready to start your own dental implant practice.

Learn all the required practical skills.

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