General Dentistry Courses

Best Practical Dental Training after B.D.S. in India
The best General dentistry courses in India are designed to provide practical training under the guidance of expert mentors.
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General Dentistry Courses in India

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Before you enter the arena of private dental practice get ready with the final touch to your skills along with secrets of success & growth.
One of the best General Dentistry Courses in India for practical training in all dental practice aspects. General dentistry practice is the art and science of providing the best dental treatments to your patients. For good dental practice, you need to develop not only clinical skills but also the skills to run and manage a dental practice. As a dental service provider, you must make all the latest dental procedures available at your practice to provide maximum benefit to your patients.
Our advanced General dentistry courses in India are designed for a complete uplifting of your dental skills along with boost in confidence to provide major general dental work to patients. Get ready with hands-on practice, knowledge, and skills to run a dream dental practice.

Our General Dentistry Course is developed to provide you best soft skill training in regular dental practice. In today’s scenario, you must be equipped with management knowledge along with clinical skills to run a successful dental practice. Today with extremely competitive dental practice situations you can not learn on your own and develop these skills with the “learn by making mistakes” principle. You can always have a fair advantage if you learn these principles before you enter private dental practice. You can learn these skills from masters and also get complete lifetime support and mentorship.

General Dentistry Course in India

16 Weeks Extensive Practical Training for dentists
  • Complete Practice on patients
  • one to one mentor guidance
  • 100% Confidence Boost
  • Get Ready for practicing Dentistry
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Why Join General Dentistry Courses in India?

Best hands-on general dentistry course in Gurgaon for complete practice in dental procedures over patients. You will be taught all the dental procedures over the patients under the guidance of an expert mentor. There will be always a ratio of one mentor and one student for complete learning and uncompromised doubt resolution. We emphasize mostly clincal practical training, but you will be taught with multiple aids like dummy models, videos, presentations, etc. We believe in learning through observation and you will witness some of the finest dental procedures throughout your course duration.

We do believe in training you in dental procedure theory and rely mostly on practical training. We do not provide you with notes, but you are free to make your notes by yourself all the time. Right from the basics to advanced clinical procedures will be taught to you and you get to work on the patient with the support of our mentors.

General Dentistry Courses in India After B.D.S.

The general dentistry Course in Gurgaon, India is designed to get practical training in general dental treatments. This advanced general dentistry course will help general dentists wanting to start a general dental practice. Learn clinical dentistry, as well as practice management, from the masters now.
Dental graduates, practicing dentists, dental school interns. 
Duration of the Course
  • 4 days a week (Mon – Fri)
  • Total 4 months
  • 11 Am to 6 Pm daily
Course Fees
Rs. 100000
Course Material
You will be working with the latest technology equipment and dental material. Consumables will be provided one time to candidates at course induction. Notes will not be provided, we strongly believe in practical learning you will be free to take your own records.
  • Endodontic Module
  • Oral Surgery Module
  • Prosthetic Module
  • Periodontic Module
  • Restorative Dentistry Module
  • Implant Module
  • Pedodontic Module
  • Orthodontic Module
  • Practice Management Module
  • Emergency Dental Management
  • Branding & Marketing

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General Dentistry Courses in India – What you will Learn?

endodontic course Gurgaon
5 Manual RCT
5 complete manual root canal procedures to be completed on a patient. 
3 Rotary Root Canals
3 complete rotary root canals with BMP with endo motor, Apex Locator, Single cone obturations. 

Endodontic Module

Most of your private dental practice truly relies on root canal treatment (RCT) procedures. Nearly 80% of your dental practice revenue and 100% goodwill is dependent on successful root canal treatments. Endodontics had evolved through the ages. Newer equipment and materials had been developed and proven successful. This treatment helps to reduce the dental pain of the patient and successful treatment will give you their faith and good wishes.
Our best General Dentistry Course in India will give you the chance to master rotary endodontic treatments. Manual Root Canal Treatments and Rotary root Canal Treatments both will be taught to you by expert mentors. You will be completing a total of 5 manual root canal procedures and 3 rotary RCT procedures. You will get every case to complete all steps such as – access opening, Biomechanical preparation, Irrigation, open and closed dressings, obturation, and permanent filling.

Learn Rotary RCT from experts at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

10 Teeth Removals
10 Teeth removals. Including normal extraction, firm teeth removal, fractured tooth removal, RC treated tooth Removal.
3 Sutures
3 Sutures to close extraction sockets and gum flaps.
1 Gum Flap Procedure
1 normal Gum Flap procedure with incision making and periodontal separation. 

Oral Surgery Module

Oral surgery training for general dentists in India. Oral surgery skills are important to achieve successful dental practice. The most important part of oral surgery is what you have to do and what procedure you have to delegate to the oral surgeon. You can opt for referring a surgical case to a local oral maxillofacial surgeon or appoint an expert oral maxillofacial surgeon at your clinic. As a general dentist, you should be aware of your case assessment and dental surgical abilities. 
Our Best General Dentistry Course in India will give you the best chance to master routine dental surgery procedures. Surgical removal of wisdom teeth, flap incisions, removal of root pieces, and normal tooth removal, will be taught to you by expert mentors. You will be completing a total of 10 teeth removal, 3 sutures, and 1 gum flap procedure. You will have a chance to learn through assisting oral surgeons in wisdom teeth removal surgeries.

Learn oral surgery for general dentists from experts at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

prosthodontic course module
10 Crown Cutting
10 crown cutting for a complete crown to fabricate PFM crown.
10 Impressions
10 Alginate Impressions with bite registration for PFM Crown and Bridges.
10 Crown Cementation
10 Pfm crown cementation procedures with occlusal adjustments. 

Prosthodontic Module

Prosthodontics is one of the major branches in general dentistry that again helps you have happy patients in your dental practice. Major skills involved in prosthodontics are- crown cutting, impression techniques, and crown and bridge cementation methods. If you want to have a successful dental practice you should be able to provide excellent fixed and removable prostheses to your patients. 
Our Best General Dentistry Course in India will give you the chance to master fixed and removable prosthodontic procedures. Different types of crown cuttings, utilizing the latest impression techniques, bite registrations, using of latest crown and bridge luting materials, and tips and tricks in removable prosthodontics, will be taught to you by expert mentors. You will be completing a total of 10 crown cuttings, 10 impressions, and 10 crown and bridge cementation procedures. You will learn to handle basic to advanced impression and luting materials.

Learn to provide fixed and removable prostheses from experts at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

periodontic course module
10 Ultrasonic Scaling
10 Ultrasonic Scaling and polishing complete on patients. 
10 Gingival Curettage
10 Gingival Curretage patients to reduce gum inflammation and prevent bleeding gums.

Periodontic Module

Gum disease has increased to many folds today. Periodontics is a major supportive branch in almost every dental treatment procedure. As a general dentist, you need to be able to provide excellent diagnosis and preventive measures for periodontal problems. Routine scaling and polishing to gingival curettage are procedures you must master to provide the best preventive dentistry to your patients. 
Our Best General Dentistry Course in India will give you the chance to master routine hygiene procedures. Ultrasonic Scaling and polishing, and gum curettage, will be taught to you by expert mentors. You will be completing a total of 10 Scaling and polishings, and 10 gingival curettage procedures. You will learn to handle basic to advanced periodontal treatments.

Learn to provide the best gum treatments and preventive procedures from experts at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

restorative course module
5 Light Cure Composite
5 no of total anterior and posterior light cure composite fillings.
2 Fiber Post and Core
2 fiber post and core build-up, with resin build-up materials.  
5 Pit-Fissure sealants
5 pit-fissure sealants to prevent dental decay.

Restorative Dentistry Module

Restorative dentistry had evolved through the ages and today it is one of the most established preventive dentistry procedures in private dental practice. There are a variety of anterior and posterior composite materials, single bond techniques, pit and fissure sealants, flowable composites, etc. Learn to choose the best dental filling material and utilize them to provide aesthetic outcomes for your patients. 
Our Best General Dentistry Course in India will give you the chance to master restorative treatments like light cure composite fillings, pit and fissure sealants, and post and core build-ups. Aesthetic anterior composite fillings will be taught to you by expert mentors. You will be completing a total of 5 Light Cure Composites, 2 Fiber post-core build-up, and 5 pit-fissure sealants procedures. You will learn to handle basic to advanced restorative dentistry materials.

Learn to provide the best restorative and preventive procedures from experts at the best dental clinic in Gurgaon.

Customized as per your Learning Curve

Learn, Practice, Master

Our practical training in dentistry helps you to understand dental procedures with clinical tips and tricks from the experts. Guided assistance from mentors to help you perform dental treatments on the patients. Master dental treatments by guided mentorship and recurrent clinical practice. 

One to One Learning

We do not take full batches for many students at a time. Our students are selected to get always learn with a mentor. One mentor – one student. 

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