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Start Charitable Dental Clinic in India

Are you looking to start your dental practice in India? Dentistry is one of the most prestigious professions. Being a dental doctor you can help people to remove dental pain and suffering as well as lead an overall healthy life. 

Also, it is very essential to consider the fact that dental services are fully developed in India, but, are mostly very costly and beyond reach for the majority of the population. i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic had developed and run a truly adorable dental service model of providing affordable dental services to the community without compromising on the quality of care. This is immensely satisfying for the working dentist to help people and get a reasonable source of income by providing reasonably priced modern dental treatments at par with private dental clinics. 

Are you ready to join the best social and professional cause? We look forward to helping you with establishing your own “i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic” 

“In this life, we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” –Mother Teresa

Who Can Join?

Dentists willing to create professional satisfaction through working on Cause

You can join if you are: –

  • A qualified BDS or MDS Dentist
  • Valid registration with a State Dental Council
  • At least 2 Years of work experience in Dental Clinics or Hospitals
  • The applicant and doctors associated with the proposed clinic should not have a past or ongoing legal case/liabilities.

Start Charitable Dental Clinic

Requirements for starting a charitable dental clinic

  • Regulatory approvals – Starting a dental clinic needs permissions from a variety of agencies like Municipality, Health Department, Pollution Control & Waste Management, Fire, Electricity, and on and on.
  • Equipment purchase – we provide you a single direct line for all your dental equipment needs, be it dental chairs, compressors, scalars, forceps, consumables, and more.
  • Marketing – Online presence and marketing activities will be managed by us with branding under i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic 
  • Support – you will receive instant support from our large network of vendors who immediately set out to resolve your issues with equipment, consumables, even electrical & plumbing needs

Charitable Dental Clinic 

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Dental Implants – Procedure

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

An expert implant dentist will check your gums and bone condition during the initial implant consultation. And evaluate your x-rays, OPG, and CBCT. After complete examination implant dentist will give you a detailed treatment plan for your tooth/teeth replacement. The dentist will provide you with how your teeth replacement will be done, how many dental implants will be placed, what kind of technique and implant will be used, how much time you need to get fixed tooth, do you require any bone graft for fixing your implant, and lot more. 

Stage 1 Procedure

The first step of surgery is to place a dental implant in the jaw bone. The implantologist will numb the area of your jaw where the implant is to be placed. Then a gum flap is prepared to expose the underlying jaw bone. Drills are used for the drilling jaw bone to the desired length. An implant is placed and secured in the drilled bone. A cover screw is placed over the implant – abutment fixture. Gums are sutured back to hide the implant. Sutures are removed after a week. The entire procedure is carried out in local anesthesia and is painless. After surgery, you will be taking prescribed pain medication for relieving the pain. 

Stage 2 Procedure

After a healing period of about 3 to 6 months, your second phase surgery will take place. In this step, the implantologist will again make the area numb with local anesthesia. The gums are separated over the implant. The cover screw is removed and a healing cap is placed at a place. 

Stage 3 Procedure

After about one week, the final stage 3 procedure is performed. The implant surgeon will remove the healing cap and place an abutment over the implant. The impression for your capping is taken and send to the lab for preparation. After few days your cap is ready and a dentist will fit the cap to the abutment of the implant. Your bite is checked and adjusted. You are ready to eat your favorite food now. 

Dental Implant- Specialized Techniques


Conventional Implants

tooth implant gurgaon

Immediate Implants

cortical implants in Gurgaon

Cortical Implants

zygoma implants in Gurgaon

Zygoma Implants

All on 4 dental implants in Gurgaon

All on 4 Implants


Implant Dentures

Other Treatment Options

Dental Implants

Fixed tooth or teeth replacement with quality dental implants in Gurgaon

Tooth Extraction

Normal and surgical removal of tooth in Gurgaon

Removable Dentures

Best quality removable partial and complete dentures in Gurgaon