Mouth Guard in Gurgaon

Protect your teeth from accidental trauma
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Mouth Guard in Gurgaon


Get the best custom-made mouthguards and nightguards in Gurgaon. Mouth guards are also known as mouth protectors. A tray-like appliance made of soft silicone PU material that cushion and protect your teeth, tissues, and face from trauma are called a mouthguard. So it is necessary to protect your front teeth if you are into sports so that you don’t get a direct impact on your teeth and damage them. 

We have the best dentist at our dental clinic in Gurgaon for customized mouthguard preparation. Also, we have experts to provide customized nightguards in Gurgaon.  

Mouthguard Vs Nightguard

A mouthguard is used to protect against unwanted injuries to teeth, gums, tongue, and face during sports and related activities. A nightguard is used to avoid tooth surface loss due to friction during the night ( Bruxism). 

A mouthguard is usually more robust to give maximum protection during the impact on the face. A nightguard is usually soft and flexible and cushions the teeth’ surfaces to prevent direct biting pressure during sleep. 

A mouthguard is available in ready-to-wear, chew and adjust and performed a universal fit. A nightguard is generally customized on your teeth impressions. 


Dental Check-up for Phobia Patients

Comfortable Dentistry in Gurgaon
If you have dental phobia or fear of dentistry, we have a solution to provide you with more comfortable dental consultations and treatments in Gurgaon. Our dentists are trained in counseling and pain-free dental procedures. Also, we use sedation dentistry for patients having a greater degree of dental anxiety.
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Get Second Opinion from Experts

Know best treatment options
If you are not able to decide what dental treatment is suggested for your case, get a dental consultation with our experienced dentist in Gurgaon. We recommend you bring along with you all the x-rays and reports.
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Dental Consultation for Re-RCT

Second Chance to Save your Tooth
You can have a second chance to save a tooth that failed with previous root canal treatment. There are several reasons for the failure of root canal treatment. We have expert root canal specialists to perform a re-root canal for your failed RCT.  
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