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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery in Gurgaon
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Dental Surgery in Gurgaon

Dental Surgery in Gurgaon by the best oral maxillofacial surgeon. Dental surgical procedures are carried out in a dental clinic under local anesthesia. Most clinical dental surgical procedures do not require hospitalization. Experienced dentists and oral maxillofacial surgeons can perform surgeries like teeth removal, wisdom teeth surgeries, gum surgeries, tongue-tie surgery, cyst removal surgeries, and many more.

Most of the dental surgeries done at our dental clinic in Gurgaon are done with local anesthesia and conscious sedation. The day-to-day activities are not affected and usually, you will recover in a day or two. Our dental surgeons are experienced and knowledgeable to provide all dental surgeries. The most common dental surgeries performed by our experienced dentist in Gurgaon are wisdom tooth removal, cyst removal from jaws, dental fractures, gum surgeries, etc.

Dental Surgery in Gurgaon – Popular Procedures

tooth extraction
Problems with teeth and gums requiring dental surgical intervention are:

  • Teeth Removal
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal
  • Gingival Surgeries
  • Gum Flap Surgery
  • Tongue-tie Surgery
  • Cyst Removal Surgery
  • Alveoplasty
  • Dental Implants

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery in Gurgaon

Tooth Removal

Dental surgery for tooth removal in Gurgaon


You may need a tooth removal for a severely damaged tooth. Removal of the tooth is done under local anesthesia and you get recovered in a day or two.  We have expert dentists for painless tooth removal in Gurgaon. Know More.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery

Dental surgery for wisdom tooth removal in Gurgaon
The last teeth in jaws are known as wisdom teeth. These usually failed to erupt properly in the jaw. Such teeth cause problems to surrounding teeth. And are to be removed surgically. Best wisdom tooth removal in Gurgaon by an expert oral maxillofacial surgeon. Know More.
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Tongue-tie Surgery

Dental Surgery (Frenectomy) to relieve tongue -tie
The frenulum attached to the tongue or lips is more fibrous and short, making difficulty in their movement. Such tongue-tie can interfere with speech too. This can be removed with dental surgery such as frenectomy. 
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Gum Surgeries

Dental Surgery for gum problems in Gurgaon
Gum surgeries are needed to make gums healthy in some cases. Correction of gummy smile requires cutting excessive gum tissue over the tooth. Gingival flap surgery is required to make gums free from infection and attach better to teeth. 
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