Dental Consultation in Gurgaon

Get your teeth checked by expert dentist in Gurgaon
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Dental Consultation in Gurgaon

Get your dental check-up in Gurgaon from an expert dentist. A dental consultation is recommended once every six months to maintain your oral health in good condition. You should make a habit of visiting your dentist when you do not have any serious dental issues. Our main aim for a complete dental check-up in Gurgaon is to identify the diseases affecting your teeth, gums, or oral cavity in the early stages. Many dental problems can be resolved easily with minor dental procedures. Most of these preventive dental treatments are painless, less costly, and less time-consuming too.

We have a fully equipped state of art dental surgery in Gurgaon providing excellent dental care facilities by experienced dentists and dental staff. Make your initial dental consultation appointment with “i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic” now to start improving your oral health. The charitable dental clinic is a unit of Prakash Manchanda & Dr. Hemraj memorial Trust, a registered NGO in Delhi, India.

Procedure for Your Dental Check-up

New Patient Registration
You have to register your details, contact details, medical history, and general consent for a dental check-up at our reception.
Dental Examination
Our experienced dentist will carry out a thorough dental examination for you. We use an intraoral camera for showing you the exact condition of your dental issues. The dentist will examin your dentition, soft tissues, and oral mucosa. 
Digital X-ray
If there are some issues in your examination, the dentist will suggest taking intraoral digital x-rays to find the exact cause of your dental problem.
Diagnosis & Treatment Plan
After your dental examination, our experienced dentist will suggest the best treatment plan for you. And provide all dental treatment options for your case.

Dental Check-up for Phobia Patients

Comfortable Dentistry in Gurgaon
If you have dental phobia or fear of dentistry, we have a solution to provide you with more comfortable dental consultations and treatments in Gurgaon. Our dentists are trained in counseling and pain-free dental procedures. Also, we use sedation dentistry for patients having a greater degree of dental anxiety.
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Get Second Opinion from Experts

Know best treatment options
If you are not able to decide what dental treatment is suggested for your case, get a dental consultation with our experienced dentist in Gurgaon. We recommend you bring along with you all the x-rays and reports.
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Dental Consultation for Re-RCT

Second Chance to Save your Tooth
You can have a second chance to save a tooth that failed with previous root canal treatment. There are several reasons for the failure of root canal treatment. We have expert root canal specialists to perform a re-root canal for your failed RCT.  
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