A wisdom tooth infection can lead to severe pain in the jaws, neck, ear, and head region. If an infection is more it can associate with swelling too. The best treatment option for such a condition is to surgically remove a wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth removal surgery is a minor surgical procedure that can be done with local anesthesia at a dental clinic. 

What is a Wisdom Tooth? 

A wisdom tooth or 3 rd molar as it is known is the last molar tooth to erupt in your jaw. Its eruption takes place in teenage or at the time of puberty, hence it is called “Wisdom Tooth”. While erupting this tooth creates a lot of discomfort and pain as most of the time it does not have enough space in the jaw for eruption. If there is too little space in the jaw it gets trapped in the jaw bone ( impacted) and continues to put pressure on the area to come out in the mouth. 

Why does a wisdom tooth need to be removed?

In the majority of cases, wisdom tooth fails to erupt straight into the mouth. It may come out in the mouth but by forcing other teeth and tilted towards the cheek or tongue. Three major factors that need immediate attention and the removal of wisdom tooth are:

  1. Pain and swelling around tooth radiating to surrounding areas of the face.
  2. Damage and decay in wisdom teeth.
  3. Damage to surrounding teeth.

Is Wisdom tooth Removal painful?

A wisdom tooth surgery is performed under the local anesthesia and during the surgery, your entire jaw will be numb. You will get little pressure while cutting a bone and removing the wisdom tooth. Usually, the process of wisdom tooth surgery is not very painful compared to the pain and discomfort you already witnessed due to wisdom tooth infection. After the wisdom tooth surgery, you will be given pain medications that will continue for 3 to 7 days to take care of the pain. You will be recovered in about a week and if stitches are given you have to visit a dental clinic to remove them after a week. At the i-Smile charitable dental clinic in Gurgaon, we have one of the best oral surgeons to provide you with painless wisdom tooth removal surgery.