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Dental Braces | Best Orthodontist in Gurgaon

Dental braces treatment in Gurgaon by an expert orthodontist. Dental braces are used to make your teeth straight and aligned by moving them naturally. Mis-aligned, crooked teeth cause a lot of troubles like embarrassment, low self-esteem, and consciousness in smiling. Orthodontic treatment helps to correct problems like gaps in teeth, crowding of teeth, overlapping teeth, proclination of teeth, jaw misalignment, and a lot more. Anyone can get a beautiful confident smile through advanced orthodontic treatments.

Best teeth alignment is achieved between the developing ages of 10 to 18 years. But, age is no bar for getting your smile corrected with dental braces. Even adults can get their teeth aligned and have a beautiful smile. We have the best orthodontist in Gurgaon for providing unmatched dental braces treatments including metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces as well as invisible braces treatments. 

During your orthodontic consultation at our dental clinic in Gurgaon, our expert dentist will clinically check your dentition and jaw alignment. An external radiograph and lateral cephalogram are advised to know the jaw and teeth positions. Extraoral and intraolralintraoral photographs are taken at beginingthe beginning, during treatment, and after completion. These help to see the progress and results acquired by the treatment. Study models are also prepared for your dentition in both jaws.

After a detailed analysis of your case, an orthodontist will provide you with the best treatment options including the duration, process, and cost of orthodontic treatment. 

Dental Braces Can help Improve your Oral Health

dental braces Gurgaon
Dental braces treatment is used to correct anomalies in the position of teeth and jaw. This way it improves the teeth alignment and helps you take good care through effective oral hygiene. The overlapping or crowded teeth make difficulties in maintaining your oral hygiene. Eventually leading to teeth decay and damages teeth permanently. Mis-aligned teeth create much wear tear and damages teeth, underlying bone, and gums. Making your teeth aligned helps you to maintain good oral hygiene and improved oral health too

Metal Braces

Conventional orthodontic treatment
One of the most demanded and successful dental braces treatments is getting teeth aligned with wires and metal braces. Low-cost metal dental braces by an expert orthodontist in Gurgaon.
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Ceramic Braces

Tooth Colored Braces in Gurgaon
Ceramic braces are tooth-colored composites that are less visible and hence more comfortable. They are formed with high-strength composite or porcelain material. Also, the wires are coated with tooth-colored material and are less noticeable during the treatment. 
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Lingual Braces

Hidden Behind Teeth Braces in Gurgaon
Lingual braces utilize metal wires and brackets that are bonded at the back of teeth. They are a little uncomfortable and pose difficulties in cleaning and maintenance too. Orthodontists providing lingual braces are specially trained and hence the treatment is more expensive.
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Invisible Braces

Invisible Clear Braces in Gurgaon

Invisible braces are the latest aligner treatment options to make your teeth straight without braces and wires permanently attached to your teeth. A removable set of aligners are used to make your teeth move into the desired position without compromising on your eating and oral hygiene. Moreover, no one realizes that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

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