iSmile Dental Projects - Volunteer programs in India

iSmile Dental projects hosts extensive variety of dental volunteer programs for Indian and International Dentists, dental students, dental assistants and non-dental volunteers. To provide adequate dental health care, dental education, dental awareness and dental treatments to the needy people in Rural India - volunteer now to make change.

Volunteer programs run at a dental clinic set-up of iSmile as base unit, and one week rural dental care programs are conducted at remote village places in India either in schools, orpanages, or society buildings by the help of local co-ordinators. The programs focuses on Oral hygiene education, dental check-up, and preventive dental treatments. Major dental treatments are provided at very subsidized cost at charitable dental clinics.

Rural villages in India still holds age old suffering for dental diseases and conditions. People either do not have access to dental care facilities, or can not afford the expensive dentistry in private hospitals. Lack of oral hygiene awareness and socio-economic status adds on to the suffering and carring out with dental pain. And only option left is removal of tooth that's giving trouble.

Some facts to consider for rural population :

Dental problems in India are due to the low awareness levels and poor oral hygiene habits in people.
People do not associate dental health with adequate oral care but associate dental problems with lifestyle related reasons like ‘improper eating habits’ and ‘being born with bad teeth’, a perception prominent in rural areas.
Did not use any modern oral care products.
People still use non-dentifrice products such as Neemstick (Datun), charcoal and ash to clean teeth.
Many have never visited a dentist.
Unconcerned about preventing or curing dental problems.
Association between oral health and general health is not acceptable.

iSmile with its volunteer programs aims to tackle dental care problems of rural India. The work is very demanding and rewarding. The volunteers work in basic condiitions. There are challenges to overcome to deliver the best dental care with minimum resourses.

Many associated programs are developed for International volunteers to have feel of rich culture and diversified India. These programs can be opted following the dental programs.

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