iSmile Dental Charity Clinic, Gurgaon

Dental Treatments- Oral Surgery

Dental surgery is required to save and restore the normal function of the jaws. Oral surgery is necessary in emergency treatments as fractures due to acciddents or trauma to face. Some common dental surgeries are :Gums Surgery, Alveoplasty, Apicectomy, Bone grafting, facial fractures reconstructions, Inter maxillary fixation, cleft lip surgery, cleft palate surgery, wisdom tooth surgery, etc.

Some dental surgery facility available at iSmile Dental Charity Clinic, gurgaon are:

Wisdom tooth Surgery

Gum Flap Surgery

Bone Grafting Surgery

Inter Maxillary Fixation ( Consult Dentist)

Alveoplasty ( Consult Dentist)

Apicectomy (Consult Dentist)

**Oral Surgeries as cleft palate and cleft Lip are provided at specially discounted cost or free depending on the sponsorors contribution into special dental camps. If any one require to avail these surgical facilitites please register your details with us so when these camps are arranged we can get back you and arrange your surgery for free or very less charge. Please mail your details and contact information to us on,


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