Welcome to Dental Charity India

 iSmile truely belives that if we nurture children with proper education along with good health then we can expect a greater change in society, country and around the globe.

With initiatives to bring education to every child in India, we seem to be improved on figures of school attending children. But still, there seems to be health issues that keep children from getting proper education and develop themselves into good and respinsible citizen.

iSmile takes a leadership initiative to foster the advancement of Dental health delivery system in the schools. With development of Dental health education programs, health asessment programs and health delivery programs for the schools, ismile facilitates school to promote dental health. All programs are provided by experienced professionals and delivered with passion to provide optimum health care services.

iSmile is providing Free Dental Health Camps, Dental health Education, and Dental oral hygiene and preventive treatment presentations for schools in India.

If you are school authority, contact us for initial Dental health asessment of your school through our Free Dental Health Check-up Camp Initiative.



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