iSmile Dental Charity Clinic, Gurgaon

Dental Treatments- Root Canal Treatments (RCT)

Root Canal Treatment is commonly known as RCT, is an endodontic treatment that is performed to save a severely damaged tooth. In RCT a damaged tooth pulp ( Nerves & Vessels) are removed making opening through the tooth itself, all pulp is removed upto root apex from all roots of tooth. Underlying pus acumulated is drained, canals are washed with medications to disinfect them. When roots are clean and dry the canals are filled with special material known as gutta percha. the damaged tooth portion is restored with dental cements. Dental crown of choice is placed over the RCT done tooth to re-inforce the strength. Thus endodontically treated tooth serves the function on chewing and biting throught out life.

At iSmile Dental Charity Clinic Gurgaon, we provide traditional as well as single visit root canal treatmetns.

Traditional Root Canal Treatment

( Dental Clinic visits 3 - 4, nearly 1/2 Hr Each)

Single Visit Root Canal Treatment ( Consult Dentist )


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