Non-Dental Volunteer at Dental Charity India

Dental charity india through it's iSmile dental projects runs various dental education, dental awareness and dental treatments community programs. Non-Dental volunteer can help in providing oral hygiene instructions to patients, adninistration activities of dental camps, managing the paitients so that every one gets proper dental check-up and treatments, and lot more. Want to be a part of oral hygiene awareness team, consider our non-dental volunteer programs for every individual to make a change in rural India.

Non-Dental Volunteer for Clinical Dental Program

Duration 4 weeks to 20 weeks
Accomodation Optional
Food Optional
Fees $300 USD
Donation $100 USD
Language course Optional
Adventure Camp Optional
Working Days 5 days/week
Working Hours 8 hrs daily
Daily Activities Optional

Non-Dental Volunteer for Dental Check-up Camps

Duration 1 to 4 Days
Accomodation Optional
Food Optional
Fees $200 USD
Donation $100 USD
Working Hours 5-8 Hrs/Day
Local Transport Provided

Non-Dental Volunteer for Rural Dental Camp

Duration 1week
Accomodation Provided
Food Provided
Fees $1000 USD
Donation $100 USD
Working Days 6 days/week
Working Hours 8-10 hrs daily
Local Transport Provided


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