iSmile Dental Charity Clinic, Gurgaon

Dental Treatments- Tooth Filling

Damged tooth due to caries that are superficial in tooth structure are treated with tooth fillings. Teeth fillings restores the damaged tooth structure and saves tooth from further progress of caries and extensive damage. Various types of tooth filling materials are available in the era of modern dentistry like - Tooth coloured dental cements, Glass inomer cement fillings, light cure composite fillings, temporary tooth fillings, silver re-inforced Glass inomer Fillings, ceramic inlays, metal inlays, etc.

Temporary Tooth Filling

Silver Amalgam Filling

Glass Inomer Tooth Filling

Silver Re-inforced GIC

Cosmetic Tooth Fillings

Ceramic Inlays ( Consult Dentist)

Metal Inlays ( Cunsult Dentist)



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