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Dental Charity India's iSmile dental projects provides opportunities for dental professionals to expand and utilize their skills to the betterment of society, by providing dental education and creating awareness about dental hygiene and prevention and treatments of dental diseases.

Remote places in India still have scarcity of proper dental care. Our scincere efforts are to brieged the gap between the dental proffessionals in urban areas and the needy underprivilaged population in Rural india. Still now rural indian population silently struggle through their agony of dental pain and only the treatment preffered or avialable is the removal of the tooth. Preventive and modern dentistry procedures are far apart and awareness of oral health is in challenging situation.

Dental Charity India's iSmile dental projects are aimed to increase oral health awareness and providing best of the modern dental care into the remote places of rural India to help easing suffering of the people due to dental pain.

iSmile dental projects are costomized and developed solely keeping the basic aim of improving the dental health care for the society by proper dental education. The dental projects are to help general public to utilize best dental care services, for dentist to serve the society that needs most of their skills, for dental students to improve understanding the needs of the society and help to get better at providing the broder reach community dental programs.

iSmile Dental Education:

Dental Procedures seminars

Dental Hygiene Education

Modern Dental treatments

Dental Hygiene Products

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