iSmile Dental Charity Clinic, Gurgaon

Dental Treatments- Crown & Bridge Dentistry

Teeth crowns are important in providing stuctural support and functional strength to tooth. Bridges are used to replace missing tooth in affordable way, with crowns on support tooth. Crown and Bridges are recomended in various situations like- root canal tooth, fractured tooth, Missing teeth, etc. Tere are diffrent materials from crowns are made like, Acrylic crowns - used as temporary crowns until permenant crowns are made. Metal Crowns ( White metal, Noble metals) - used as permenant crowns that imparts good strength and are cheapest. Metal fused to porcelain crowns - used as permenant crowns that is good in esthetics and functional strength. Metal free Ceramic ( Full Porcelain) Crowns - used as permanent crowns where excellent aesthetics is major priority, natural looking crowns.

iSmile Dental clinic in Gurgaon provides all the crown and bridge dental work at very reasonable rates, we charge only material charges for making crowns through our tie-up dental lab.

Temporary Acrylic Crowns

White Metal Crowns

Metal fused Porcelain Crowns

Procera Metal Free Ceramic Crowns (Consult Dentist)

3M Lava Crowns ( Consult Dentist)

3M Espee zirconia Crowns ( Consult Dentist)

e-max Dentsply Full Ceramic Crowns (Consult Dentist)



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